We live in interesting times. Recent global events have forced many to re-evaluate their lives, awakening them to a new understanding of what is important to thrive.

The resulting ripple in the evolution of our consciousness is causing people worldwide to re-examine the meaning of their life, searching for the divine gift hidden beneath layers of faulty thinking and the constant effort to find external happiness.

More and more are seeking a greater understanding of their essential meaning—why they are here and what impact they want to make.

If you are here searching for answers yourself, you are not alone.

We are not going back to “normal” the world needs us to step up.
Its time to…

  • … stop playing small
  • … step out of the shadows
  • … unleash your potential
  • … to shine your light
  • … create your life on YOUR terms

You already know this, and I am here to guide YOU on YOUR journey

Rip·ple – a small wave or series of waves caused by an action.

Rev·o·lu·tionA sudden, vast change in a situation, a discipline, or the way of thinking and behaving. 

A small imperfect action on the path to your purpose can make a ripple which affects 1000s.

It’s all about choosing to live on purpose and create your reality.

All of these ripples together will create a tidal wave of change that humanity and the earth is needing right now, a tidal wave of awakening!

‘A rising tide lifts all boats’

Hi! We are Latisha and Pete with our 3 sons, Tito, Rio and Kaleo.

We are a truly international family, with each one of us born in different countries. We thrive on adventure, connection, and creation. We love creating our life to be on our terms, living our life to the fullest, full of joy, passion, and freedom following our souls purpose.

We are actively pursuing an alternative way of living which involves collaboration, regeneration, co-creation, and walking on the earth lightly. Always giving back more than we take. Always seeking out opportunities to create ripples of impact to improve both humanity and the earth.

Create your Ripple

Pete’s passion is to guide Imapct Driven Profeesionals on a journey of discovery. To uncover what is truly essential to them, create a personal roadmap to bridge the gap from their current existence to a meaningful life, then unleash their true potential so that they can radiate their gift & initiate their Ripple!



  • Waking up every morning excited for the day knowing all the joy and fun that it is going to bring you.
  • Knowing that you are living your greater purpose doing that thing that lights you up and makes your soul sing.
  • Loving what you do so much that the words “work, and job” disappear from your vocabulary.
Reignite your life



  • Living life completely free from money restraints.
  • Healing your money story to allow you to receive as much money as you desire.
  • Doing the things in life you want to do instead of the things you have to do to pay the bills.
Reignite your life


  • You choose how you spend the time in your day
  • You do the things that matter to you with the people that you care the most about.
  • You live unapologetically.

Schedule a FREE discovery call – to uncover the first step on YOUR journey to a meaningful life.

Reignite your life

There is a voice inside YOU, guiding YOU to a higher purpose.

Answer that call… STOP living a life that others expect of you & START living a life that feels true to YOU!

Its time to unleash your potential, shine your light & live unapologetically!

Our Current Projects

Los Tres Arroyos, South Pacific zone of Costa Rica
We are restoring biodiversity by recovering cow pastures by reforestation and allowing the secondary growth forest to regrow, re-connecting the wildlife corridors, and creating a wildlife refuge with pristine streams and water springs, impressive trees, and intact habitat rich in flora and fauna.

Los Tres Arroyos is a project which incorporates permaculture, food forests, botanical gardens, agro forestry, a tree nursery and seed bank for re-forestation. It is a model which provides food security for us, opportunities for the local community and enriches the habitat, and planet.
We are creating a system to live a more enriched connected life and consuming less.

We are also designing a regenerative micro-community where people can come to have experiences in nature, allowing them to reconnect to nature to allow them to reconnect to themselves. A place which emphasizes efficiency through collaboration, co-creation and co-operation, looking at the pieces that are essential to living, focusing on what is necessary to having an amazing experience/life so we are not sacrificing the opportunities life holds for us.

A place to enjoy a more enriched connected life and consuming less. A place where people can experience a new model of living in the new paradigm we have entered. A place to enjoy the Pura Vida.

In the Caribbean coast of Mexico we are protecting the primary tropical forest and cenotes (underground rivers). We are designing a micro-community where people can reconnect to nature and to themselves. A place which emphasizes efficiency through collaboration, co-creation and co-operation, looking at the pieces that are essential to living, focusing on what is necessary to having an amazing experience/life so we are not sacrificing the opportunities life holds for us.

We left our home in 2015 to embark on a trip from Oregon, USA to the tip of South America. In an expedition vehicle which we built ourselves. Connecting as a family, and Waldorf homeschooling as we go.

Our mission is to continue being the creators of our lives, staying in connection with our soul’s purposes and connected to nature, while at the same time empowering people to step out of their comfort zones, showcasing there are options in life, regardless of their life circumstances. Helping others realize their dreams of seeing the world in a different way, to follow the call to step onto a new path and experience an inspired life of adventure.

Imperfect action is a way of being… Every moment is a choice & by taking imperfect actions we make progress towards a destination.

A plane takes off into the wind & not facing it’s destination.

We started our journey to Patagonia by going 1,000 the ‘wrong way’ to visit family, something meaningful to us.